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24–26 September 2020
NEC "Uzexpocentre", Tashkent, Uzbekistan


Shavkat Mirziyoyev: The nationwide movement “Kindness and Support” is a vivid manifestation of the power of our state and people

On 20 April, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev held a video-conference on the issues of ensuring the full-fledged activity of industrial enterprises, the construction industry and infrastructure.

As a result of timely measures taken against the epidemic of coronavirus, many regions of our country managed to protect against this threat. Despite this, enterprises in most regions and districts have stopped working or are not functioning at full capacity. This situation negatively affects the economy and social sphere, and the life of the population of the regions.

At the beginning of the meeting, the head of state focused on the issue of supporting socially vulnerable segments of the population.

The need for further expansion of the targeted provision of food and medicine to needy and temporarily unemployed families was noted.

In a pandemic, the number of unemployed and in need of assistance is naturally increasing. Along with counteracting the disease, the countries of the world are using every opportunity to maintain jobs and prevent a deep crisis in the economy.

As elsewhere in the world, this complex process has affected Uzbekistan. Our country has enough reserves and opportunities both to provide for the people and to support the economy.

In this regard, and taking into account the historical and moral values of our people, their inherent generosity, care and magnanimity, the President put forward a proposal to form a nationwide movement, “Kindness and Support”.

- Soon the holy month of Ramadan will come for us all. Helping low-income and needy families during this period is a good thing. Therefore, it will be very helpful if every entrepreneur takes on an unselfish duty to actively support socially vulnerable people in the territory where he carries out activities, the head of state said.

As a result of this, targeting of charity and sponsorship provided in the month of Ramadan will be achieved, funds and products spent on iftar will be sent to those in need.

An entrepreneur, based on his capabilities, can help in a month, for example, for 10 families, another entrepreneur - 20, could hire members of a needy family. The state, in turn, will provide such entrepreneurs with various benefits and preferences for taxes, leasing, loans, and access to necessary resources. Thus, the state will provide the population with support through business entities.

It was noted that in this process, the voluntary participation of large enterprises and their field offices, farmers and clusters is important.

It was determined that this initiative will be implemented in cooperation between the territorial branches of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, banks, and social protection departments.

“I’m sure that the nationwide movement“ Compassion and Support ”will be a vivid manifestation of the power of our state and people,” the President said.

Turning to the agenda, the head of state instructed the Special Republican Commission to gradually ease quarantine restrictions in areas, districts, and cities in which no cases of coronavirus were detected or the epidemiological situation improved. At the sites that have restored their activity, work will be organized with strict observance of sanitary and hygienic rules.

One of the drivers of ensuring employment and economic stability is the construction sector. It provides jobs for 1 million 325 thousand people and supports employment in other industries. In this regard, and also in order to prevent a decrease in construction volumes during the quarantine period, an additional 3.6 trillion soums were sent to the industry.

In the first quarter of this year, the volume of construction work increased by 6.5 percent, but this is 4 percentage points lower compared to the same period last year.

The meeting noted that it would be allowed to continue all types of construction work, subject to full compliance with quarantine rules. The Ministry of the Interior was instructed to create conditions for the movement of vehicles of industrial enterprises and manufacturers of building materials.

This year it is planned to build multi-storey housing for 30 thousand apartments. But in 25 cities, plots for their construction are still not allocated. Mortgage applications are slow.

The meeting emphasized the need for the speedy elimination of these shortcomings, the allocation of land for the construction of multi-unit housing in areas with high population demand for housing.

The introduction of a mechanism has been determined, according to which the State Fund for Supporting the Development of Entrepreneurship will provide private contractors with partial compensation for expenses on interest on loans and a guarantee in the amount of up to 50 percent of the loan amount.

The necessity of extending the mortgage issued in the new order from 15 to 20 years, raising the upper limit of the mortgage amount based on market requirements, is noted.

Instructions were given to improve the quality of construction, accelerate the implementation of the rating of industry enterprises and the electronic tender system.

The meeting comprehensively discussed issues related to the building materials market.

During the quarantine period, the volume of production at construction materials enterprises decreased by 30-40 percent. In turn, sales of raw materials fell.

With this in mind, Uzqurilishmaterialallari joint-stock company was tasked with bringing production to 10 trillion soums in the first half of the year and up to 22 trillion soums by the end of the year. The main opportunity to ensure these indicators is export. The task was to expand the production of import-substituting building materials.

In our country there are 275 promising deposits necessary for this raw material. For example, in the Gazgan village of the Nurata district, 14 projects for US$52 million are being implemented. The President noted the need to increase the number of such effective projects through field development.

Directions are given for the launch this year of 7 projects for the production of energy-efficient building materials, the design of future facilities, taking into account the use of such materials.

During the quarantine period, 1.5 trillion soums were allocated from the Anti-Crisis Fund for the construction of engineering and communications infrastructure, including 500 billion soums for 55 water supply projects and 1 trillion soums for 1,547 projects in the field of road construction.

The meeting reviewed the implementation of these projects. The importance of accelerating the process of identifying contractors and the early start of construction work was emphasized.

Due to the pandemic, projects involving international financial institutions slowed down. In particular, this situation is observed for projects to improve drinking water supply and road construction.

Based on the current situation, it is recommended that local contractors be involved in such projects on the basis of a tender.

The state has created all conditions for increasing revenues of local budgets, in particular, the formation of funds for the construction of roads. It was emphasized that from now on the regions should not wait for the receipt of funds from the center, but should repair internal roads independently.

- In general, the construction sector, whether it is the construction of housing or infrastructure, is a great reserve for creating new jobs, generating demand and supply in the market, and ultimately ensuring economic growth. If the industry leaders, deeply aware of the responsibility assigned at today’s meeting, organize the work correctly, we will overcome the economic crisis with minimal losses, said Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

The head of our state, whatever sphere he considers, whatever decision he takes, is primarily guided by considerations of the welfare of ordinary people. The instructions given at today’s meeting, the tasks set are also significant in that they are aimed at ensuring employment, increasing people’s incomes, and continuing creative work for the further well-being of the country.


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