Iteca Exhibitions has updated its status in the UFI family

On the eve of the celebration of the Global Exhibitions Day / GED, the international exhibition company Iteca Exhibitions has updated its membership status in the World Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI).
Iteca Exhibitions (formerly ITE Uzbekistan) became a member of the World Association of the Exhibition Industry in August 2007 and since then remains the only company representing Uzbekistan in this International Organisation. UFI unites over 700 members in 85 countries on 6 continents. Together, UFI members organise more than 4,500 specialised events every year, which attract more than 1,000,000 exhibitors and 150 million visitors.
Earlier, Iteca Exhibitions membership was collective together with partners from the ITE group of companies. In the spring of this year, the UFI Executive Committee approved the application of Iteca Exhibitions and confirmed the company`s individual membership in the category of "Exhibition Organiser", which was announced in an official message on behalf of Kai Hattendorf, CEO of UFI. 
At the same time, the status of four exhibitions of the company was confirmed: "Construction – UzBuild", "Healthcare – TIHE", "Oil and Gas of Uzbekistan – OGU", "Textile equipment and Mechanical Engineering – CAITME" - as the "Events approved by UFI".
This decision of UFI is a confirmation of the merits of Iteca Exhibitions in the development of the exhibition industry in Uzbekistan. When making this decision, the UFI Executive Committee was guided by the rules, norms and ethics of the Association, which presuppose transparency and reliability of statistical data of exhibition organisers. 
The recognition of the domestic company by UFI is a kind of passport to the international exhibition community, which will definitely contribute not only to the development of the exhibition industry in Uzbekistan, but also affect the development of the country`s economic sectors.
GED – Global Exhibitions Day, will be celebrated by the world exhibition community on June 1.

Press service: Iteca Exhibitions