Iteca Exhibitions welcomes the exhibition season with optimism

Today, most of the events taking place in the world are more or less related to the pandemic, its associated restrictions and the consequences of lockdowns. The rapid spread of the pandemic in 2020 and the massive restrictions imposed have caused significant damage to the entire global economy, and especially to the congress and exhibition industry, whose events, due to their specifics, require the direct presence of participants and visitors, and, as practice has shown, holding such events in an online format is ineffective. It is gratifying that the gradual easing and lifting of restrictions allow the industry to gradually reach the pre-pandemic level.

Iteca Exhibitions, like most of the exhibition companies in the world, faced the difficulties and challenges of the pandemic, while being able to use the forced pause in 2020 not only to strengthen established ties with partners, permanent participants and government agencies, but also to establish new contacts and attract the target audience to the upcoming events of the company.

Having supported the slogan of the World Exhibition Association - "Exhibitions are the key to economic recovery", Iteca Exhibitions initiated the return of exhibitions in our country to the usual format of holding and made every effort to implement this objective. Of course, this would not have been possible without the relevant decision of the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan, which was sympathetic to the initiative, and the holding of congress and exhibition events in Uzbekistan returned to its usual track last year.

In the difficult conditions of the pandemic and severe restrictions, Iteca Exhibitions showed a sense of responsibility, patience, applied all its experience to non-standard solutions to emerging issues, suppressed the facts of unfair competition and successfully held 14 international exhibitions in the exhibition season 2021. 900 companies from 38 countries took part in the exhibitions, 31 970 people visited the exhibitions, including 2 115 foreign visitors from 36 countries.

Iteca Exhibitions welcomes the upcoming 2022 season with optimism, the implementation of all 18 annual international exhibitions from the company`s portfolio of events is planned, which indicates the company`s readiness to enter the pre-pandemic level.

As the previous exhibition season showed, the return of exhibitions to the usual format after a forced break was eagerly anticipated by most market players. As the epidemiological situation normalises, the value of holding exhibitions in a live format will become even more obvious and irreplaceable.

As a socially responsible company, Iteca Exhibitions will continue to hold all its events in accordance with the new concept in the exhibition industry - "Safe exhibitions", that is, in strict compliance with the requirements of sanitary and epidemiological norms and rules established by the Special Commission of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the World Health Organization.

At the same time, Iteca Exhibitions is cautiously optimistic and expresses the hope that mass quarantine restrictions in a number of countries around the world will still remain in the past.