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  • Connect your business to the whole world!

  • 24 years of experience on Uzbekistan's market for exhibition services

  • 20 exhibitions on 14 industry sectors annually

  • 12,000 companies - exhibitors from 47 countries with a geographic footprint spanning practically all the world's continents: Europe, America and Asia

  • 1,200,000 visitors annually: 95% specialists, 68% decision-makers

Iteca Exhibitions and partners from ITS Group see as their role further development of exhibition activity by attracting major players to Uzbekistan's dynamically developing market.

Our mission is to increase the quality of service for exhibitors and visitors, which will in the long run facilitate business development and boost the country's economy.

The events conducted by Iteca Exhibitions are prestigious business events attended by key figures and leading specialists from the most varied sectors. They are characterised by the representative nature of the participants and use of the organisation's global standards.

More than 50 leading information agencies, print and electronic mass media cover the work of the international exhibitions organised by Iteca Exhibitions.